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Active Directory was unable to establish a connection with the izmaiņas GC opcijā catalog. Additional Data There is no such object on the server. This indicates that the specific object couldn't be found in directory.

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This error may be encountered in the following two situations. Situation 1: During AD replication When a change occurs to an object in Active Directory on the source domain controller, the source domain controller propagates this change to other domain controllers by notifying its replication partners to retrieve this change.

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Destination domain controllers pull the change from the source domain controller when they receive the change the notification. After the change is retrieved, destination domain controllers try to transact the change into the local database.

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Izmaiņas GC opcijā destination domain controller has to look up the changed object in the local database so that the change can be applied to that object. If the target object can't be located for some reason, Active Izmaiņas GC opcijā reports error This error may be observed in the following situations: When a change occurred to an object on the source domain controller but this object was cleaned by the garbage-collection process When AD replication recovers after it fails for a time that exceeds the tombstone lifetime TSLdeletion may not be propagated before the tombstone is cleaned When the change-originating domain controller has Active Directory removed before the domain controller has an opportunity to propagate the deletion to other domain controllers izmaiņas GC opcijā host a writable partition for that domain and the change is replicated to global catalog Situation 2: Reported in Event NTDS The domain controller tries to locate global catalogs for its functionalities, such as universal group membership lookup.

If the system can't locate an available domain controller, event is reported together with error in the NTDS event log.

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Resolution Situation 1: During AD replication To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps: Determine the problematic domain controller that has the inconsistent object. This error means that the local domain controller finds that an inconsistent object exists in its incoming partner for the specific replication connection but not local AD database.

Determine whether you want to remove the objects or leave those objects as they are, as follows: If you want to remove the objects, you can use the Repadmin.