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Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums. [bijiben] Updated Latvian translation


    It offers a maximum working height of cm and a 3D-Panhead.

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    It offers many practical features and amazing stability at a very attractive price. The tripod is ideal for photo and film shooting with light to medium cameras and thanks to the included smartphone holder it is also optimally prepared for use with the phone.

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums

    Good working 3D-Panhead with spirit level and bubble level The Walimex pro WT tripod is equipped with a permanently installed 3D-Panhead, which allows a precise alignment via a spirit level on the head and a bubble level on the tripod shoulder. The max. The quick release plate is very generous with 65x52 mm and thanks to a practical locking lever in a matter of seconds dissolved or attached.

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums useful in practice and certainly not a matter of course for starter tripods - additional quick release plates for the WT can be purchased separately walimex No. The 3-D Panhead allows you to pan your camera ° and tilt it 90° for upright shooting.

    Individual fixing screws on the tripod head can securely lock your equipment in the desired angle setting. Comfortable working height and amazing stability Despite the solid construction and many features of this entry level stand, the Walimex pro WT weighs only 1.

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    The WT has a maximum working height from 56 to cm incl. The integrated crank in the tripod shoulder allows you to adjust the height infinitely according to your requirements and reliably lock it with the fixing screw.

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums

    The 3 tripod legs made of aluminum are anodized and designed very solid. They are a maximum of 22mm wide and 17mm deep and have quick-release clamps.

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums

    A mid-level spreader provides further stability and allows a stepless adjustment of the leg angle. Generously dimensioned rubber feet ensure a secure footing and a weight hook gives optional additional support. A carrying handle on the tripod shoulder allows easy and comfortable handling of the stand.

    Working Height mm Max. Capacity 3kg Max. Load Tripod g Weight Tripod incl.

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums

    Height tripod including ball head Height tripod inserted central column with head mm Number of Gummed Leg Segments 0St. Bag g Transportation lenght outside measurements incl. Packaging g Width of Packaging mm

    Truster K 101 Opciju tirdzniecības noslēpums